Morrisons Christmas Advert 2012

morrisons christmas advert 2012 Morrisons Christmas Advert 2012

Hard work in the Morrisons Christmas Advert

This year’s Morrisons Christmas advert promises “Christmas as it really is. Mum wrestling with the turkey, the tree that drops its needles the moment you put it up and the interfering mother-in-law.”

Is this realism? If so, is it what we want in a Christmas advert? Some have accused this advert of being sexist alongside the Asda advert. Does it make you dread the work involved? Or does it make you laugh with recognition?

Morrisons have also run into Christmas advert trouble over showing a young boy handing a dog some Christmas pudding under the table during dinner. According to the Daily Telegraph, the Kennel Club said it has “serious concerns” over the ad.

It’s certainly a departure from previous celebrity-led Morrisons Christmas adverts such as last year’s featuring cricketer Andrew Flintoff and TV presenter Bruce Forsyth. The strapline for this year is ‘For Your Christmas’. Alongside this year’s celebrity-free M&S Christmas advert, perhaps retailers are reckoning on us wanting empathy rather than glamour?

Wondering how they made that turkey wrestle? Here’s a “behind the scenes” video:

Playing it for laughs
A mother-in-law joke? Really, I know the 70s are in vogue but…

7 Responses to “Morrisons Christmas Advert 2012”

  1. Trevor Savage says:

    Having wrote the words to a song to the tune of “On the first day of Christmas ” etc
    about what your true love really does for the family at Christmas in 2005 and posting
    a spoof video of it on you tube recently I am amazed to see your 2012 Christmas advert
    following the same theme.
    If you look on you tube under trevsav 2012 “Chistmas Actually ” you will see the
    Similarity though it follows more of a comedy theme with a serious pre and after comments.
    I would like you to take a look at it as it may stimulate further additions to your advert.

    Trevor Savage

  2. Lee Harding says:

    Having just seen the new Morrisons Christmas ad – and laughing like a drain at various parts of it – I have to congratulate all concerned for making the best (and truest) festive advertisement for 2012. Even a guy like me can sympathise with that poor woman – the thought of a mountain of sprouts fills ME with dread too! ;-)

  3. Louise says:

    The morrisons Christmas advert does not seem to have the Christmas feeling, it is portraide across to be a busy Christmas with not much but stress. I see what you were trying to do, but there is no Christmas spirit in the advert, makes me not want to watch it because the whole way through you see miserable faces!! Where’s the joy of mucking in and doing it together or accident dropping something on the floor, boiling the veg over, the odd burnt finger or how hot the house is always at Christmas. Don’t know bout you but the advert is a huge thumbs down.

  4. pedromull says:

    Having rewound the advert twice, I think a third may accompany a Samaritans hotline call. Rarely have I felt such instantaneous depression from a festive add campaign; Apart charity world poverty or domestic abuse etc. Portraying Christmas in such overwrought, burdening crackup”So running far from alternative humour,open armed towards smiling alternatives.Time to geta crossing!

  5. jane says:

    what a terrible advert a real miserible one no fun for mum bet a man made it ?

  6. C smith says:

    Love love the morrisons advert. For years my husbands work gave us an ostrich make that turkey and I cooked it for days. Basting became my life for days. The oven was out of use for days while it cooked. Thank morrisons for making me laugh and for your turkey crown
    No more will the giant turkey spoil my Christmas . It was years before I realized I could get it cut in half and cook judt the half. I so identify with this advert as do many of my workmates. All women.

  7. tom houlton says:

    this is an unbelievably sexist and steretypical advert which broadcasts to the mindless masses. I dont understand, firstly, what is so difficult about buying a few presents and cooking dinner. secondly, why anyone would make such a foolish martyr of themselves. and thirdly, why people are so silly and shallow to buy into such mindless ideals.
    Plenty of men make a great job of buying all the presents, organising the whole damn thing and and cooking dinner without filling the entire kitchen with every pot in the house.

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